Home + Land Energy Clearing

What is your vital space a priority?
As important as it is to take care ofyour body hygiene daily, so is taking care of our own body energy, feeling vibrant and balanced.  Keeping our 7 chakras aligned is ever so needed for our wellness.  As important as it is to clean our home daily, so is taking care of our own energetic living space.  Our home MUST be cleared from energetic contaminants more often than not.  Your home represents your home within; everything is connected energetically.

The MOST COMMON ways of knowing when you need a space clearing include:

  • You have never done an energetic space/home clearing before.

  • Your house feels sad, cold or does not feel good and vibrant.

  • You or a loved one gets stick all the time, or are experiencing a serious illness.

  • You feel heavy or stressed energy in the home.

  • You don't sleep well and/or don't feel safe in your home.

  • You feel strange chilling energy without drafts.

  • You just moved into a new home. It's smart to remove the old, unknown energy.

  • Someone with negative energy visited and "left something behind."

  • Toxic argumentative relationships.

  • You need a spiritual lift; positive vibrations are necessary.

  • Disturbing neighbors.

  • Victim of a burglary.

  • Your home was built on ancient land, land for sacrifice, or land of war.

  • Your home does not look ALIVE inside or/and outside.

  • Drama or trauma happened inside or outside the house and was never cleared, cleaned and blessed by Divine beings.

Energy Clearing and Healing services are . . .

  • Option 1 - CLEAR YOUR SPACE - $280
    1-hour on site using Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense, Reiki, and a pendulum.

  • Option 2 - ANGELIC HEALING + PROTECTION - $480
    This includes everything from Option 1 PLUS an Angelic Cleanse.   Healing the ground from Geopathic stress, removing negative vortexes, close disturbances from portals and heal the ground from trauma.  Salt protection around the parameters of the property and a healing crystal grid is created.  (Crystals stay in the home!)

  • Please call me directly to schedule a clearing - 602.791.1194.

Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose.
~ Wayne Dyer ~