Meet Nathalie!

I was born in Paris, France and received my very first Reiki experience when I was 2 years old.  I was inconsolable and complaining of discomfort from stomach pain.  My parents had no idea what this energetic intuitive healer was practicing back then but she brought back peace in my being which removed the pain completely.  I was very close to my mother and grand-mother who both shared their clairvoyance and clairsentience gifts.  At the age of 14, I was s​trongly guided by the higher realms to practice meditation and study Buddhism.  Mantras, ​the primordial sound of Om​, and positive elevating frequencies changed my view on the world as we know it and m​y ​chanting practice developed my inner force​.  It allowed me to be with​, and stay connected​ to, the Divine!

I moved to England ​to attend college and joined the corporate world until 2000. ​ Despite m​y busy life, I continued learning ​about the etheric plane of existence and evolving spiritually while connecting with the Angelic Realm. ​ In 2001, I started my Reiki I and II levels, practicing on myself and my n​ewly born daughter. ​ As m​y family grew, we felt the enthusiasm to travel the world​.  We settled in Florida for a few years before calling Arizona our home, where we reside today.

As a mother​, I continued to expand and go beyond what we are told and know about our health and the physical body.​  Understanding the energetics for my own well being on all levels, that all is connected mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, has been the most valuable healing experience in my own life and for people who h​ave come to me for insights. ​ Since 2​014, I ​have worked in Yoga studios and in retreats (such as the Nurse Association of Arizona AZNA retreats) for years practicing healing meditation and other modalities.

Before joining and starting my own practice at this wonderful sanctuary called Shantiful in Scottsdale​, Arizona, I remember going through a profound spiritual awakening early 2012. ​ I witnessed a visit from ‘higher beings of Light” in my own home. ​ This visitation of higher dimensional beings changed my life path forever and have been around me ever since, for support, for healing​, and for my life mission. ​ Since then, I also use Light Language during a Reiki session and for D​ivine messages for humanity.

Today, I am a certified Reiki Master​ and a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (stepping into spiritual hypnotherapy) with a Diploma of Hypnotherapy by the American School Of Hypnosis and American International Association​.  I am a certified Aroma Freedom practitioner under Dr Perkus’s credentials as well as a Coherence HeartMath Coach and Trainer.​  In 2023, I certified as a Bio-Well Practitioner​.  

​With my own healing journey, I understood that the number one element to illness/unwellness is stress and ignored emotions.

Breath and relaxation with positive thoughts and intentions are primordial to us all, to our wellbeing, to life on Earth.

Nathalie’s office is located downstairs at the end of the hallway in the Anahata Studio in SHANTIFUL.  To learn more about Nathalie and/or to schedule an appointment, please contact her at 602-791-1194 or book here.

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